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The Body Talks Podcast with Delahrose Roobie Myer on Life's Natural Design

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Delahrose Roobie Myer

Your Guide Reading Your Soul’s Story

I have lived a storied journey for most of my life. I’ve travelled globally, seeking greater truth and meaning. 


My awakening came very early in life, catalysed by deep trauma. Trauma is the gift that can awaken us and it did that for me. It took me through many passages and across many fields. I’ve gained high level qualifications and experienced success across many areas of wellness: Body therapies, Shamanic Psychologies, Astrology, Aromatherapy, Alchemy, Yoga, Meditation, as well as creatively, in  visual styling and interior design


I believe that we simply cannot just study or observe, we must embody our experiences and move through our wounds to acquire the richness of our wisdom. We walk through the fires to discover and earn our wisdom. We seek more from our consciousness to expand beyond our current awareness into higher states of emergence, and here we acquire the skills that help us navigate the many terrains and currents of life. 


I was fortunate to work with some incredible mentors: Laurence James Lucas, Tom Jacobs, Sandra Ingerman, Linda Kohanov and many more. They helped me define my unique skills and talent to see, to move through and shift energy blocks. To be my own catalyst for change.

“Astrology may be quite unknown to you consciously, yet to your unconscious it is intimately known”

CG Jung

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Astrology for Illumination

Guidance Through Transition

Rosebud Alchemy invites you to embark on three packages that have been especially designed by Delahrose to assist the different stages of your self-development journey. 


If you’re struggling with life’s big questions about relationships, family, money and health or you’re overcoming loss and trying to understand what’s next, Delahrose invites you for a highly personalised experience that can offer the answers you need. 


Understand the energy that impacts your emotions and behaviours. Move past barriers to change. Find your hidden genius. Meet your whole-self for the first time. Develop new behaviours. Build a life of purpose. 


Whether you’ve never experienced Astrology before or want to master the techniques required to manifest, Rosebud Alchemy can mentor and guide through change.


“I love when a client says, “Ahhh.” These are moments of new wisdom that they feel is unequivocally true. The kind of wisdom that allows them to transform.”

Delahrose Roobie Myer

Rosebud Alchemy