Abundance and Fulfilment.

The Sum of All Things

What I Know with Certainty

I have always been deeply inquisitive, having a heightened awareness as a young child.

I grew up around a family that believed in the mystical language of the earth. Of Irish descent, my great grandmother was a gifted artist, pianist and exceptional reader of cards and tea leaves. It was normal for me to spend time discussing star signs and mystical mysteries. 


Raised by a single parent, I spent most of my time on my own and wandered in nature with the company of plants and animals. Here I developed an ability to open myself up, connect with and hear the earth, the plants and animals. 


I knew I’d awoken something powerful as a young adult.

In my teens I experienced deep trauma to the very essence of my being. Through this experience I learned that behind even the darkest corners of the past, you can heal and release patterns which no longer support. I began expanding and opening my abilities to sense, see, and hear things that people left unsaid. It was confronting and confusing at times. My awareness could see how I could assist and support people through these passages of understanding, find a way to transmute trauma stories and discover their truth. 


To Know Light is to Know Darkness. They cannot be separated because they are a part of the same whole.

One of the principles of an alchemist is to understand what one must experience. Experience that I have. I have loved. I have won. I have succeeded. I have failed. I have lost. I have grieved. Every time, I have learned great lessons that allow me to truly understand how my clients feel with genuine empathy. 


I knew I needed to know more.

Whatever I have experienced in my storied life along my self-development journey, I have always studied and worked with incredible mentors. I have qualifications in wellness Body Therapies, Shamanic Psychologies, Astrology, Aromatherapy, Alchemy, Yoga, Meditation, including visual styling &  interior design


I believe that to fully own the richness of our wisdom, we must embody our experiences not just study them. 


I didn’t want to be the best Astrologer. I wanted to go further, to help people by combining all my life experiences, knowledge and gifts.


I know I can help people restructure their beliefs to remove the blocks that prevent them having
the life they truly want.

I’m here to help you if you’re navigating change, redefining and reinventing who you are.


If you’re struggling with emotions, anxiety and questions that you don’t know how to answer, I invite you to grow into having a deeper relationship with yourself. 


Transform behavioural life patterns. Step towards building your world on your terms. By transforming the energetic charge of the past, you can dissolve blockages which have been preventing your experience of
Abundance, Connection and Fulfilment.

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"There is no wiser thing for you to do in this lifetime than to let your soul guide you, as the soul is the only reason you are here. To Know your Stars is to know the language of your Soul…My clients wish to feel inspired, energised, aroused and evoked, and to experience a sense of wonder and magic.”

Delahrose Roobie Myer

Inspired To Create

Wellness Design & Travel Epicurean

My quest to guide those seeking wellness and personal growth goes beyond my Astrology services. I’m also the creative driver behind the wellness design brand Awaken Designs and holistic lifestyle journey, Awaken Soul. 


I am an award-winning interior wellness design specialist and those who know my work experience how I craft spaces of great beauty, balance and wellness. My work can be seen in 5 star eco-tourism developments, spa and wellness environments and bespoke residences.


In my Awaken Soul Wellness Retreats, where I host small groups of up to 8 people, I blend all my skills as an Astrologer, Healer and Mystic. As a Wellness Specialist, I create and host intimate, bespoke travel retreats and experiences that support growth on every level. 


I invite you to email me. We can start a conversation of how you can have me host a private group event especially designed for you and your attending party. 

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Awaken Designs

Wellness Design Specialist

An Interior Alchemist, I create high-vibrational spaces where energy and connection flows for increased feelings of wellness and vitality. I create spaces that heal, soothe and delight.


I’ve won international and national awards for my work. My abilities to infuse aesthetic beauty with esoteric energy has been recognised in the media and all over the world.


My work includes Harris Farms Stores (13 in total), Belle Cheval Equestrian Centre and a private luxury Seabreeze Beach house, as featured in House and Garden magazine’s Australian Top 50 and the incredible international multi award-winning Sunrise at 1770 Eco Estate.

"We must each lead a way of life with self-awareness and compassion, to do as much as we can. Then, whatever happens we will have no regrets"

Dalai Lama