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Awaken Equus

The Natural Intelligence of Horses

Equine Healing and Wisdom

I guide & teach you how you can deeply listen and feel into your horse’s energetic field. This allows you to open and begin to feel, see and hear the beautiful wisdom they have to share with you. I feel that a relationship with a horse is as much an energetic spiritual relationship as it is a physical one.


Training with Linda Kohanov at the Epona Centre in the USA has been an incredible privilege. Her two seminal works, The Tao of Equus and Riding between the Worlds have been very influential in my journey.


I believe that we as humans can lead much more satisfying and self-aware lives if we’re willing to work in partnership with horses and embrace our personal truth more authentically. I approach horses with a heart centred awareness based on deep trust and respect for these magnificent creatures.


Many of us seek an authentic life, one in which we can openly acknowledge and freely accept our feelings, experiences and issues, whatever they might be. We hope to find our true selves and understand what is right and real for us as a unique individual.


For me, I connect to my authentic self through my relationship with horses. When I am with them and have experienced their profound wisdom, I’ve been able to endure deeply difficult times. I’ve emerged feeling more centred, more peaceful and more alive than ever before.


If you’ve ever felt drawn to horses, wished you could ride one or simply admired their beauty, then perhaps you have responded on a soul level to thousands of years of shared history between humans and horses.


Horses are able to mirror our emotions and behaviour without judging us. Through this intuitive ability, they can help us identify our innermost beliefs. In this way, we may release limiting attitudes or judgements and transform a sense of lack into freedom and abundance.


Awaken Equus: More Meaningful relationships

Awaken Equus is a beautiful service I offer in a unique and profound way.


Here I read and connect energetically with your horses spirit communing with them gaining wisdom insights, essentially medicine for you deepening your relationship with them and yourself. By building a deeper more meaningful relationship with yourself,  potentially this can further ripple out into your wider relationships.


I am using my gifts to bring into light and alchemise the energy offering awareness and understanding that can enrich your life relationships. This service is designed to heal and inspire your desire to live a more authentic life.


Skills you will gain: 

  • Embody emotional intelligence skills in your everyday life

  • Incorporate mindfulness and body awareness techniques

  • Identify your authentic vision

  • Learning to Trust your intuition

  • Experience more fulfillment at home and in business


The Meaning of ‘Awaken Equus’

The word ‘awaken’ means ‘to become conscious and aware’, ‘to start to feel interest or excitement’. ‘Equus’ is simply Latin for ‘horse’. So I’ve called this offering to you ‘Awaken Equus’ because I want to share the thrilling feeling of first becoming aware of the deep and powerful connection that is possible between us and horses.

“No mere drawing can capture the perfection of the horse. So I chose a symbol that comprises of many elements. It represents the Awaken Equus philosophy. In it we’ve created our own mandala.

The Awaken Equus mandala symbol is firstly a perfect circle. This represents wholeness, symmetry and balance, as well as the cycles of life, the seasons and lunar cycle. The circle encapsulate a series of horseshoes, which represent the four grounding points of the horse’s hooves as well as articulates the union of horses with us.”

- Delahrose Roobie Myer


The word ‘mandala’ is Sanskrit and conveys ‘circle’, ‘completion’ and ‘containing essence’. ‘mandala’ is used to describe circular drawings or diagrams which are created as symbols of the structure of life and the human connection to the infinite cosmos. Featuring a central point, mandalas have elements which typically radiate outwards and are often intricately detailed. The central concept of a mandala is the creation of wholeness and integration and the interconnection of the one to the many - the individual to a wider community and to the universe itself. 


Many mandalas are found in nature, such as seashells, water crystals and the atom itself. The circle is key to human disciplines such as astronomy, geometry and physics.


To enquire about Awaken Equus workshops and services, I invite you to connect with me by filling out the contact from below.


“Delahrose brings a real metaphysical toolkit along with her when she comes for a session of energy healing, equine therapy or whatever else you’re lucky enough to share with her.From my experience - her equine therapy sessions are like a personal development course, a mental health experience, and a horse riding lesson all wrapped up in one!”

Thomas Bucich
Whitewall Art Projects | Berrima NSW