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Golden Compass
Oracle Guidance

Ongoing Mentoring and Guidance

Even Masters have Mentors

I have been blessed to work with some highly inspirational mentors throughout my journey. This level of continued spiritual life coaching has provided me with the guidance and confidence to succeed.


Ongoing Mentoring and Guidance sessions focus on two key areas: identifying and removing barriers to your transformation, and empowering you to continue your journey with courage.


Together we use one-on-one meditation visualisation to read your personal energy imprint, heal and alchemise negative influences and build new behaviours in relationships, health, money or whichever part of life you are working on. 


We peel away the old and create a new found vitality to find a healthier, more vibrant and more inspired you. 


Stars & Magnetism Sessions

Cosmic guidance, channelled messages & healing with your spirit guides.

Become a powerful manifestation of your greatness. Be a magnet for your deepest desires. Release old blocks and limiting beliefs.

 For new clients

Book your session. An invite to our reading will be emailed to you on the day of the reading. You will receive an audio recording of the reading afterwards.

How the new client session reading works

Book your session. An invite to our reading will be emailed to you on the day of the reading. You will receive an audio recording of the reading afterwards.

For existing clients only

Golden-Compass ✧ One Question reading

Ask me anything: love, money, career. These short readings are ideal for times of transition, endings and new beginnings. Great for navigating strong astrological currents.

How the One Question reading works

​You will receive your answer on or before the date selected when you book. I will take some time to sit with your unique birth chart as well as current Astrological transits. This reading is an audio recording (which I will email to you) where I will speak directly to your question. You must have completed the foundational Natal Birth Chart Soul Blueprint.

*No refunds for cancellations within 48 hours of appointment date or no shows.

Customised Mystical retreats, Workshops & Events

Even Masters have Mentors


"Once you have achieved a certain amount of success and have some money in your pocket, you may still find that you have a hunger...What are the options? Well, the world will tell you that this hunger can be satisfied by building an empire, seeking fame or by buying another house, or a faster car. Unfortunately, this is getting a little tired. Celebrities and the super-wealthy are now quietly suggesting — even openly admitting — that despite their fame and fortune, they live in a state of even-greater yearning. The only solution is to confront the hunger itself and to turn to the soul. The soul? That may sound like an abstract concept, a mere delusion, an escape from reality or a spiritual placebo.
But this is where Delahrose comes into your life, with her Awakening the Soul experience." 

Laurence James Lucas