The Soul of Handmade

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

I have decided that this is the year!! Let go of judgment, stop looking for perfection and start aiming for wholeness, beginning with love for you. What has passed cannot be changed, what we do today is all that matters… Begin each day with a thought of Love no matter how small your thought is if you water it each day with love, it will grow and blossom into a feeling of beauty! Your heart will expand and your soul will shine your energy will change and so will your life! Energy goes where our attention goes so set your intention on Love! Pure and simple “Love”, with no expectation and no agenda. Everything looks better through the eyes of love…give it to yourself…

Sometimes we confuse ourselves over relationships because we are afraid to be in our own company, until we find what we would really like and love to enjoy in a wholesome relationship. We end up settling for anything just so we won’t have to face our fear of living life on our own! If you let fear be in the driver’s seat of your life, you will always be afraid. When you show courage to stand true to your heart and wait for what you really desire in a relationship…it shows up!

You can draw to you exactly what you believe you deserve so long as you truly, deeply, with all your heart believe you deserve a healthy loving supportive relationship with yourself and with another than you will have it! The big question is: what do you really believe you deserve? What are you creating over and over that is causing you pain and drama? Check your thoughts and beliefs, as this is at the beginning of what is creating your reality! Change your thinking to change your life”… Perspective is everything.

Handmade is becoming rare and so is “soul” in general we shop and shop to look like everyone else, we try to keep up but we never dare to ask are we happy??? Awaken the Soul is about touching the heart of everything, feeling the soul within seeing the beauty that is all around and asking the big questions are you happy? If not, then begin now to feel into what does happy mean for you? What does it feel like to be happy, to be content?

There is a deep calling for us to take time, enjoy simple pleasure again, bath our souls in the delights of love, texture, colour, shape, feelings and sensations. Opening up discovering the artisan he or she who values the treasure of handmade, an art form for living a life in balance not in excess. Creating with soul, with passion, responding to an inner calling to share beauty… a vision that is in harmony enriching us all!

What I have recently discovered and learnt about the current market of fashion and money, with women & men, chasing vapours’ of mist, in hopes it will carry them onto feeling whole (a product or thing can never make you feel whole! It’s a Simple Fact but the world is currently in a crisis trying to scrabble for shreds of frame through any means possible they choose to continue, to hide behind a mask of what is outside must be what is inside (example if you are rich outside you must be rich inside) this is the heart of the world’s illusion… We have lost our ability to connect deeply with our heart, our soul, importantly our environment, to fully feel our emotions!

We spend time, money and energy chasing bubbles of vapour, that evaporate as quickly as we see them… Leading us to chase our tails in circles while the greater needs continue to be overlooked suffering at our mindless inability to see the whole as the much bigger picture living fully as authentic multi dimensional being’s… We have lived too long only serving our 5 senses, instead now we are being asked to step up into serving a greater whole, becoming connected to our 6th sensory awareness, asking ourselves why are we doing this or that, what is our real true intention behind what we are thinking and wanting? How will this translate into becoming whole and feeling more for-filled and happy??? Is my life in balance with my heart???

Awaken The Soul is here to serve, as a conduit, serving those to awaken into the whole self using all the senses…

By Delahrose Roobie Myer

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