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Whether you seek self-understanding, answers to life’s more perplexing questions about relationships, family, money or health, or you want to master techniques that support you to better manage change and grow, I invite you to join me with some very special experiences that I have designed with your specific needs in mind.


The first step to self-understanding and change. Here we can identify the Sacred Path to your Purpose.


Illuminating your purpose, power and potential through ongoing mentoring, teaching, Communicating.


A deeper dive into the skills and tools which help and support you in your journey of


I guide & teach you how you can deeply listen and feel into your horse’s

energetic field.

Emeralds & Diamonds

Through story we heal. Welcome to Emeralds & Diamonds. Treasure within, jewels without. It is my intention to share authentic insights, learned experiences, inspired writing, spoken through heart, keeping it grounded and real. 

I believe we heal through story more so when the story is told through the wisdom of the heart, with the intention to share the enrichment of learning through the passage of understanding. There is always a golden wisdom in every heart spoken story. Truth is a vibration that can be felt when read or heard.

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