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A Birth Chart and a Transits Chart reading offers us undeniable insight into the energy matrix that governs our decisions and behaviours. The Birth Chart Soul Blueprint takes this to the next level. 


By unlocking the language of your birth chart, narrating the story of your soul, reading your spiritual energy and intuiting your potential, I assist you to understand so much more about yourself. Deeper self-insight is very empowering and enriching. This is because when we know more about ourselves, we can achieve a whole lot more. With this level of awareness, I can then guide you in how you harmonise your energy, express your strengths and define your hidden genius. 


If you’re struggling with transitions in your life, dealing with greater stress or grief or thinking, ‘what’s wrong with me?’ or ‘why isn’t working?’, this is an ideal starting point.


By illuminating your essential essence as expressed in your Birth Chart, your path becomes empowered by your own clarity, trust and inner knowing. When we start to understand ourselves this way and the energies that influence how we feel, it can be a little bit like meeting yourself for the first time.

Illuminating The Soul Story, The True Yellow Brick Road session

A profound, comprehensive exploration of your Natal Birth chart, combined with a Transit Chart reading. Step towards Higher Self alignment. 


✧ Cosmic guidance and support for your empowerment and purpose.

✧ Releasing blocks and limiting beliefs.

✧ Becoming a powerful magnet for your desires 

How this works

You will be required to provide a copy of your birth details including date, time, place and country via email before reading begins. You will get a copy of your birth chart emailed to you prior to the meeting.


Book your session. Readings are conducted via Zoom video conferencing. An invite to our reading will be emailed to you on the day of the reading. You will receive an audio recording of the reading afterwards.

✧ Birth chart and transits 2 hours $440 AUD

✧ Birth chart only 1 hour $220 AUD

*No refunds for cancellations within 48 hours of appointment date or no shows.


"Delahrose was intuitive and radiant when I arrived at her gorgeous womb-like treatment room, she had even picked up before I arrived that I would be more comfortable on a futon on the floor, rather than a treatment table, which was perfect. The warmth, the beautiful soulful aromas washed over and around me and made me feel completely safe.
I had three wondrous sessions that have transformed me, spiritually and ultimately, physically. I felt lighter, I felt loved and I felt love for myself. Even these words here seem inadequate in describing what she gave me. Delahrose is a true healer, a genuine and generous spirit, a visionary and a brilliant therapist. She saved my soul and she cleared away the fog and filled me with love and warmth and I cannot thank her enough."

Diane Dixon

Emeralds & Diamonds

Through story we heal. Welcome to Emeralds & Diamonds. Treasure within, jewels without. It is my intention to share authentic insights, learned experiences, inspired writing, spoken through heart, keeping it grounded and real. 

I believe we heal through story more so when the story is told through the wisdom of the heart, with the intention to share the enrichment of learning through the passage of understanding. There is always a golden wisdom in every heart spoken story. Truth is a vibration that can be felt when read or heard.

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