Wisdom & Sacred Medicine


Shamanic & Astrological Healing

Recognise. Realign. Redefine.

Become a student in the art of living with purpose. Come on a unique experiential journey of 5 rich and powerful sessions that have been designed to give you the tools needed to create a life totally aligned with your values.


If you’re ready to change what isn’t supporting you, prepared to throw out the behaviours and beliefs that no longer serve you, and want to step into an authentic, heart-centred life, then I’m here for you.


Let's begin...

Come with me on a mystical exploration of the self. Give yourself an opportunity to step back into the world and play a far bigger role, a role that comes from a place of peace and integrity. Align your values with your actions so your soul sings. It can be joyously simple.

Experience real health and wholeness

Shamanic and Astrological healing draws on your whole self to connect with your deepest intentions and approach every day having confidence, focus and peace-of-mind. Shamanic and Astrological healing can help you experience real health and wholeness to feel more energised by having a clearer sense of your life’s direction.

The Transformation Package

Incorporating meditation, breathing, yoga, shamanic soul retrievals and energy alchemy, this experience is truly life-changing. It’s a total transformation package that comprises 5 comprehensive tailored, one-to-one 2-hour sessions where you learn how to alchemise physical, mental and emotional imbalances. You will emerge feeling validated and renewed, feeling more restored and empowered to start living your best self, with greater joy, groundedness, focus and happiness.

Manifest the future you want

Carl Jung teaches us that “If we do not confront the darkness within us we will meet it as fate.” So our journey together is one where we explore tools and techniques that can help you remove blocks and change the behaviours that no longer serve, so you

manifest your future. 

Personalised support

In this program I am teaching you and giving you many tools to use in your everyday life. 

When you book this program with me, you also receive ongoing personalised one-on-one support in-between the online booked sessions. This deeper support is via text messaging, where I will respond within 30 mins, as you process your journey.


Holding space to listen during emotionally turbulent times has been proven to be the most powerful offering anyone can provide to another person. It is my intent to assist and support as best I can during these moments of change and transition. 

Who is this for?

This program is for those looking to embody more of themselves, fully step up, clear away old beliefs and awaken more. For those who wish to become more self-empowered from within to manifest much better for themselves without. 


For many years, I’ve designed and delivered personal, customised and exclusive one-to-one and small group sessions that have incorporated Astrology, Alchemy, aromatherapy, yoga, meditation and energetic healing. I invite you to join me now.

How to work with me

All readings are conducted via Zoom video conferencing. An invite to our reading with the meeting room number will be emailed to you on the day of the reading. You will receive an audio recording of the reading.


“I think it’s important for my clients to learn how to stay grounded and connect deeply to their environment, their body, their soul and their heart. Possessing this skill enables the birth of deep creative potential – a potential that’s completely in line with their heart’s intent, much like an internal compass.” 

Delahrose Roobie Myer

Due the the nature of care and commitment these packages are extremely supportive to the individual. They can be booked at your leisure until you have completed all 5 sessions. It is recommend that you partake each fortnight to allow momentum to build and strengthen as you grow and change. 


*No refunds for cancellations within 48 hours of appointment date or no shows. 


"I have known Delahrose for some years. I was seeing her initially as an astrologer when she would explain to me in great detail my life – from birth, childhood and up to this very day – and about why things are the way they are for me. It led me to understand myself better and appreciate all that I am, showing me that there is much more to life than just what you think you see and know. Delahrose then gave me the tools I needed that would help me in times of distress. The experience was incredible to say the least, it was almost as though she had been there by my side from the day I was born and had presented me with this gift of knowledge, with professionalism and kindness.
It’s been light bulb moment after light bulb moment…. Everything has just started to make sense."

Alison Kennon